Break Everything

You might recognize this image from our front page.  At a staff meeting a couple of months ago Chris Stein, our User Interface guru, said that the first time someone opens their blog dashboard it’s like looking at the cockpit of a jet.  The cockpit became a recurring joke for the team because of how true it is for most of us as well.  If you’re not familiar with WordPress, or you’re new to blogging in general, you’re probably overwhelmed by everything you see in the sidebar.  If you’re feeling particularly masochistic you can open up the entry editor for the wiki and really blow your mind.  One of the icons is an anchor…an anchor?  Helpfully, when you put your mouse over it it tells you it’s so you can “Insert/Edit Anchor.”

Uhm, thanks?

I was originally going to call this blog, “Dear Boone, Broke something, please fix. -Brian” but two things came to mind.  First, that’s a stupid and unnecessarily long name for a blog.  Second, making Boone’s job harder is more fun when you invite friends along.  Going forward on this blog the Community Team is going to push all of the myriad buttons around the Commons.  All of them.  Our goal is to fantastically break something and learn a thing or two about WordPress along the way.  There is a ton a of information about how to use every bell and whistle on this site, but sometimes too much information is, well, too much.  Hopefully as we comb through the site together and learn what everything does you’ll be able to pick up a few things about how the Commons works and feel better about exploring some of its more esoteric features.  The best part is that we’ve been told by the Development Team that there’s nothing they can’t fix.

Oh hubris.

Stay tuned as the Community Team sets out to destroy Commons, and possibly our jobs, so that you get the most out of your Commons experience.

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